Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we and what is the purpose of the Learning Hub?

We are a purpose built training centre with various funding streams, two which being University Hospital and European Regional Development Funds. Our aim is to assist unemployed people within the local community back into work, by providing pre-employment training, advice and guidance.

We promote career opportunities within the healthcare sector an organisations within the public / private sector. We work closely with employers to promote and provide job opportunities where available.

How does the Learning Hub achieve its aim?

We offer wide range of training courses which aim to benefit not only you but also the employers we work with. Our training courses offer a variety of learning opportunities which help develop both   personal and vocational skills and knowledge. By taking part in these training activities you can gain better understanding of your employment potential and learn how to present yourself in a way that interests prospective employers in today’s challenging job   market.

Who works at the Hub and how can they help you?

We have a team of trained and experienced staff have an understanding of what employers are seeking when recruiting new employees.  Our tutors have extensive experience of employment issues and training. They are familiar with the types of issues that can hinder you in trying to get into work after a period of unemployment. Through the training they provide you will build up your self-confidence, improve your ability to complete application forms and develop your interview techniques so that when a job opportunity arises you feel ready and able to confidently apply. 

In addition to our team of tutors we have a dedicated Placement Officer who works closely with our clients as part of their courses. Our Placement officer liaises with a variety of health and public sectors employers to arrange work experience placements. On-the-job placements can provide you with the chance to see a preferred job role first hand and are a great way to add some beneficial experience to your profile.

Finally, as well receiving ongoing support and guidance from the training team whilst on courses, you will also have ongoing access to one of our mentors.  We have a number of volunteer mentors across the Trust who are available to provide additional support for personal and vocational development, this can be available during training or first few months of employment should you secure employment within the NHS.

Will your benefits will affected?

All courses are run up to 15 hours per week and therefore your benefits will not change.

So now you know about the team and what we do, read further and find out how you can join the Learning Hub programmes.