Learning Hub Classroom

Here are some of the things you will learn when training with the Learning Hub

  • How to complete an NHS application form (They are a lot easier than you might think.)
  • You know that scary white box on the application form – the Supporting Information – the one that asks you to write lots of things about yourself? Well you will learn how to write exactly what the employer wants you to write. (Just writing anything will not get you very far.)
  • How to live up to your application form in person, at interview. There is no point looking great in writing but being a mumbling nervous wreck in front of the very people who liked what you wrote and decided that that they had to meet you. Hub training will help you to know yourself better and to feel more confident in just what you have to offer (Which is a lot, in case you are thinking otherwise)
  • How to prepare for your interview so that you do everything right and never fail to impress. Preparation is everything.
  • You will learn about infection control and data protection at a deeper level. When you know more, you impress more.
  • There is the opportunity to gain valuable working experience within an NHS hospital. There are a wide variety of roles to choose from but remember, these are earned rather than guaranteed. Placements are provided to those that are punctual, maintain good attendance and who fully commit to the programme.
  • You will also gain expert guidance from your tutor (via one-to-one meetings and group jobshops) to assist you into apprenticeships, employment or further training.