I currently work as a porter within the In-Patients Department of Imaging, which covers CT Scanning, MRI and Ultrasound. Patients attend for all types of scans and it is my duty to collect them from wards and departments, either in wheelchairs or beds, and to put them at ease by talking with them and making sure that they know there is no need to worry because they are in safe hands. I very much enjoy that aspect of my role and I gain a great deal of satisfaction from putting patients at ease. I also return patients after their scan has taken place.

I can also be involved in dealing with blood forms and taking blood to wards, as well as delivering the internal post around the various wards and departments of what is a very large hospital. It is a very interesting and very physical role, with lots of walking and talking throughout each day.

If you are going to apply for the role of porter, always make sure that you read the job description and person specification before applying: it may require you to carry out driving duties, as I did when I first started my job. You need to know that you will be required to work morning, afternoon and night shifts, as hospitals are a 24/7 culture. You will also be required to work bank holidays and seasonal events like Christmas. This is a job that requires flexibility. It is always best to know your flexibility and availability before applying.