All ward controllers have different responsibilities and jobs, depending upon the area they are based in. My duties are based within Imaging, Endoscopy, Nuclear Medicine and X-Ray. The job varies on a daily basis but the first two or three hours is generally the same. I take stock of three linen rooms (Imaging, OPD and Meet and Greet). I take note of what is needed and I put an order in for stock. After that, I then have storerooms 2 and 5 to take care of in X-Ray, where I take complete stock of all the items that need to be replenished and then I put that order in, too.

I then go back to the main store room and I take the linen to ward areas as well as various parcels and delivery items to departments, before then putting the goods I ordered earlier into storerooms. This usually takes me up to the end of the working day, but there are also 'one-off' duties to attend to, such as creating the pharmacy orders for Endoscopy and Main Imaging. This usually gets put through once a week. I am also involved in ordering stock for MRI (Imaging).

It is a busy week and there is always plenty to do. It is a very physical role with lots of walking and strenuous activity, and I am in constant communication with the team and the staff within the wards and departments of the hospital. It is also a very enjoyable job and I work within a great team at Logistics.