Charlie is an apprentice at the Learning Hub and has been with us since Nov 2015. He originally began training on our Innovate programme, where he developed his job searching and presentation skills. Following that he then accessed a pre-employment training Apprenticeship programme, via the Learning & Development Department at University Hospitals Birmingham. As part of his apprenticeship he returned to the Learning Hub to carry out his work experience within an administration & reception role.

This was initially quite a challenge for Charlie as he was living with a lifelong serious stammer and having great difficulty in expressing himself at key times. Such was his determination to succeed that he braved the nerves that made communication even more difficult and went on to join the Starfish Project ( This was to learn breathing techniques which would help him to overcome his stammer; this was an amazing success and has proved highly successful in building Charlie's confidence in being able to speak to others.

He is now a very professional, helpful and valued receptionist and has received a great deal of praise from visitors, staff and Hub students. If you would like to read more about Charlie's journey then you can read his full account in the Latest News section of our website.

Charlie won the Brighter Futures award at University Hospitals Birmingham's 'Best In Care' awards ceremony on Nov 27th, 2016. This was a fantastic achievement and we are all very proud of him!

Pictured: Charlie (centre) with Best In Care DJ, Dave Clarke (left) and Olympic bronze medallist and European Champion, Kristian Thomas (right)