I went over to meet Charlie today. He has just begun his second week as a Receptionist / Support Worker in Radiography at the Heritage Building of University Hospitals Birmingham.

He is based on the main Radiography reception desk and says that he loves being there. In his first weeks he has been escorting patients, checking appointment details, calling transport for patients and making sure that they are comfortable, as well as handing back treatment notes to radiographers.

Charlie says that the staff are very friendly, as are the patients. He has been recognised a few times by people who have read his story in the hospital newspaper, with one patient giving him a gift of a packet of sweets.

I asked him what he thought the difference was from being a Learning Hub apprentice to moving into a full-time role at the hospital. He says that he feels he now has to be much more vigilant because he is dealing with patients, so he needs to make sure that patient transport arrives when it should and pay attention to alarm calls because some of the patients can be very ill.

Just as he always did at the Hub, though, he always makes sure that he walks around the patient waiting area and ensures that everyone is okay. He received a lot of positive feedback for doing that while at the Hub and there is lot more to come to him in the future.

Well done, Charlie!

Photo: Charlie in Radiography's Tulip Room