Current job: 
NET Cancer Secretary & Clinical Nurse Assistant
Previous employer: 
Self Employed as a Nail Technician
Course undertaken: 
What did you find useful about the course?: 
I found every aspect of the courses available at the learning hub useful and very helpful. I had planned to never go back into learning because of my severe dyslexia and because of my age, but this free and great opportunity came up that I thought I would give it a go. I learnt how to become better at interviews, how to understand and demonstrate to others my transferable and personal skills. All this equipped me to become more confident with myself and it most certainly enhanced me to become more employable by the NHS. A job was offered to me a month after I completed a month's voluntary service as a Cancer Secretary and Cancer Assistant in Clinics at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I count this opportunity as a BIG BLESSING! This has helped brighten my future and it has taught me not to give up or limit myself. I can not thank the Learning Hub staff enough for accepting me on all the courses. I want to give a special thank you especially to Graham, a remarkable tutor who has invested in me, he was very patient with me and has continued to show me his support.
What advice would you give to current students?: 
I would tell them, the courses are FREE! Perservere and continue to invest in yourself and you will see new attributes appear from within, that you did not know were there. The Tutors also will support you on your journey, so you are never alone.