Charlie: From Apprentice to Employee

I went over to meet Charlie today. He has just begun his second week as a Receptionist / Support Worker in Radiography at the Heritage Building of University Hospitals Birmingham.

He is based on the main Radiography reception desk and says that he loves being there. In his first weeks he has been escorting patients, checking appointment details, calling transport for patients and making sure that they are comfortable, as well as handing back treatment notes to radiographers.

Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship with University Hospitals Birmingham

You might be reading this and thinking that what you need is a job with ‘proper ‘wages, which is what some young people tend to think because there are friends to meet, fashions to keep up with, clubs to dance away the night and beautiful blue seas to swim in. Life is an expensive business.

 Well, it is true that a ‘real job’ will give more fun money right now, but just take a moment to think about your future.